Ariven Vision: Amma Sanctuary


Amma Sanctuary : Debut project of our vision


Help us create the blueprint for this huge Vision!

This is a vision of common sense & action for us to enact basic compassion & dharma on global scales.
Below is our theme that unfolds in India, Amma sanctuary Trust with our assistance


The sanctuary is for retired cows and oxen that are saved from slaughterhouses and cared for in large numbers- in tens of thousands. We call our aged senior animals- Animal Elders. We will take care of our aged animals with love and abundance until their last days.


Utilizing the cow-dung, we create super manure capable of creating bio-dynamic agricultural lands that grow organic food produce. With over 5000 retired animals we will be the backbone to organic agriculture that supports large agricultural lands. We create thousands of bio-dynamic fertile land to produce healthy clean agriculture. The organic farming and the produce helps Mother Earth and the health of a sizeable population. We will direct farming methods with strategy to ensure that the most suitable crop ideal for the greater need of humanity and environment is grown.


We allocate atleast 25% of the vegetarian organic produce for feeding the hungry on Planet Earth. We connect with other charities to ensure efficiency in eradicating hunger with intelligent nutritious vegetarian food.


The by products of wastes from elderly animals provides us with- clean electricity generated from the methane of the dung; substitute for firewood for home heating and cooking purposes with safer smoke from dry dung stick; and more applications


Bring together the wisdom of an ancient vegetarian society of India and the modern information and science to grow ‘intelligent’ vegetarian food. We expect to have similar sanctuary farms even in countries like Saudi Arabia and China, with emphasis on organic agriculture and intelligent vegetarian produce- and let our vegetarian food spread the message of compassion through good health and an alternative lifestyle.


We will have a holistic living center and community within each sanctuary- with emphasis on – sustainability, eco-friendly living, in-house grown food produce and a center for rejuvenation and enlightened practice.


Based on the Siddhar traditions, the theme with the center being a Temple of Light and surrounded by Goddesses of all cultures around the world to represent the collective womb of humanity. There will be a Spiritual Grove of sacred trees planted by all the living saints and Arivens. The living saints whom we will approach to bless the seeds will be nominated by Ariven members. Lets start nominating!

Strategic Objectives of Ariven Community:

Build our first prototype project, Amma Sanctuary that is multi-faceted and aligned operations of each strategic action within.Develop & bring together a global community.Position ourselves to launch hundreds of similar projects around the world by ourselves, with partnerships and strategic alliances.Bring together our collective intelligence as a community to enable the momentum of our work. Create the infrastructure to utilize and generate abundant resources.


Action Plan: Stage 1 

  • Rainwater catchment/compound wall fencing.
  • Cow sheds.
  • Land reshaping/ pits, lakes.
  • Water circulation tanks connecting the two lakes.
  • Green houses.
  • Sustainable housing for long term international and Local Ariven residents.
  • Cow maintenance/feeding, dung gathering, gobar gas, composting systems.
  • Biodynamic amenities.
  • Sacred forest, wild birds park, orchard area, vegetable garden area, agro area developments
  • R&D technologies.


  • Each R&D sanctuary farm to create free seeds supply to support hundreds of biodynamic sanctuaries around the globe.
  • Grow intelligent non-GMO food.
  • Creating an optimal process- cow care – composting- agriculture – organic food industry.
  • Hub for international community for spiritual and holistic being.
  • Utilize earth friendly sustainable living, energy, housing etc.
  • Afforestation in and around the sanctuary.
  • Create R&D based directives and guidelines for farms



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