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Break the limits of the body, mind and circumstances!


Mastery of Consciousness India




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About the Book Mastery of Consciousness: 

“If you went to a Sage or met God, what will you ask for? The only thing worth is to be God, Consciousness. Attain consciousness and be the yogi and awake, break the limits of mind, body and circumstances “ – Nandhiji

 Consciousness is the attainments of the meditative mind. The attainment of Consciousness is the most valuable of all gifts we can ever receive in a life time- the awakening of our mind to its full potential, realization of freedom and a life of inspired fulfillment. This book Mastery of Consciousness gives a clear map to attain Consciousness.

 Four Sections of Book: Mastery of Consciousness:

– Brief Autobiography of Nandhiji, Siddhar Yogi Visionary.
– 108 Consciousness Sutras.
– 120+ Illumined Mystical Pictures
– Articles: Siddhar Yogic Insights into Consciousness
– Interview with Nandhiji

   The Siddhars are a mystical yogis from southern India who reside in regions of a truly “spiritual India.” Though their teachings have seldom been overtly revealed in the west, they are at the root of the yogic wisdom that is familiar within the mainstream traditional India.

The deeply spiritual, mystical wisdom of the Siddhars are for the first time being revealed in book form by Nandhiji. This book “Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet” is the fruit of Nandhiji’s yogic journey after being initiated by the enlightened yogis, the Siddhar Sages.

Nandhiji has condensed the esoteric wisdom of the Siddhars into this book, in ways that Westerners can relate to in practical terms. Nandhiji’s desire is that those who seek the Mastery of Consciousness in their lives will be able to easily incorporate this wisdom into daily yoga or spiritual practices. The core intent of this book is to assist readers in cultivating an intimate connection to the Source of life that is eternal, all-knowing and very much alive in every cell of the body, thereby taking steps to attaining a life of freedom, purpose, inspiration, health and inner wisdom.

Nandhiji says, “As we become aware of consciousness, the unique genius within each of us awakens and then masterfully, we are able to uplift humanity. This empowering consciousness break the limits of the mind, body and circumstances.”

In recognizing and cultivating our own inner Divinity, we spread divinity and wisdom around the world, affecting not only our own lives, but life on the planet itself.  When consciousness spreads among individuals, then the mastery of consciousness itself becomes more available to all people on the planet and on the inner planes. Then, global change happens automatically, as this is always an out-picturing of the consciousness of the people.

About the Author,  Nandhiji

“These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Nandhiji

Nandhiji  is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated.

Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India.

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“This book is the book of the century. It is monumental. It ranks up there as a classic in spiritual literature. The book contains profound visionary poetry, an abundance of color photos and accounts of the author’s first-hand experiences with Siddhar masters. Nandhiji has for the first time conveyed the essence of the ancient Siddhar tradition to the English speaking public. His message -Be the Prophet- is one that the world needs today more than ever. Nandhiji has opened the door to one of the world’s most ancient wisdom traditions that offers great promise for the future of humanity”- Ganganath & Tara –Universal Fellowship of Light


“You become everything you read on these pages. You become the Prophet. You awaken. You are held in the most beautiful expression of Love. Thank you for letting me express this great gift.” Scarlett Redmoon “


This is a rare, deep and magical book of yogic wisdom.” Saul David Raye, Internationally acclaimed teacher, healer and spiritual activist


“Packed in this visually beautiful book is an amazing world of spiritual depth and information – ANYONE interested in yoga as a spiritual practice as well as a physical practice would benefit from this book. Every yoga studio should carry it. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”- Najla Devi

“Even the most learned yogi will learn something from this book. Enjoy it!”- Patrick Morgan

“This book is a treasure, a beautiful and timely gift for humanity! Its full of blessings in the form of secrets revealed for the uplifting of humanity. Reading Mastery of Consciousness will take you on an epic Journey to your innermost Luminous Self.” Carol Aakayani Devi

“This book is so much more than a treatise on yoga, in fact it is an absolute marvel of experience of the mystical realities so ancient and profound” Swadhina Devi


Cost: 300 INR + Shipping 100 INR

Digital Download : 120 INR
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